Video Of Murder Suspect’s Victim On Fire

Published on July 6, 2018 by RSS Staff

A terrifying surveillance video showing a man and a woman running onto a Queens sidewalk while on fire was played in a courthouse. Agnes Bermudez is on trial, accused of setting her ex-boyfriend William Salazar on fire, killing him and three others in the Middle Village building in 2008. The Post reports that the video (below) “shows Bermudez tumbling to the ground and writhing in pain, the flames scorching her head and body as her ex-boyfriend William Salazar, also engulfed, tears into the deli looking for help.”

Prosecutors say that Bermudez, jealous that he was seeing other women, doused Salazar with carpet cleaner. Both caught fire—Salazar later died from his injuries—and the fire also spread to the building, killing Flor Sandoval, her husband Heriberto Garcia-Vera and their son Felipe Garcia-Sandoval. According to the deli’s owner, George Zugajewicz, who poured water on Bermudez during the fire, Flor Sandoval screamed for help from the third floor and later fell to her death, “All I could hear was the crack of her head on the concrete and then I saw the blood coming out.

Bermudez cried during the playing of the video. Her lawyer, who says that Salazar was the one who doused her with the accelerant, had tried to suppress the tape and said, “This is very painful for my client to watch.


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