Guaranteed Anonymous

We will ship your friend, or enemy, a bag of some Real Street Shit. The stankiest, nastiest most disgusting fresh poo found online.

We will NEVER let them know you sent it!

Still not sure? Use our new BITCOIN option. We DON’T NEED your name, credit card, e-mail, NOTHING! There is absolutely no communication back to you! Just complete your order using Bitcoin as the payment option upon checkout.

We will never tell.

10 Reasons to Send Shit!

  1. Your EX whatever!
  2. Neighbors pet shit in your yard.
  3. That mean ass boss!
  4. That one person or mechanic that ripped you off.
  5. Last minute gift for some one who has it all!
  6. Simple Gag Gift.
  7. For Richie Rich – Who needs a reality check!
  8. That 1 teacher you owe it to.
  9. That special someone in your life who tried to ruin you.
  10. That person you just don’t like .

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You may NOT use our service to threaten, constitute harassment, violate a legal restraint, or any other unlawful purpose. The customer agrees this is a gag gift, novelty service for entertainment ONLY and that is their only intention. liability to the customer is limited to the price of the product. Customers ordering any items from this web site agree to release its agents, officers, and employees of any and all liability associated with the use of our services.